I think I’ve made about 3 blog accounts before, always creating one post then forgetting/quitting immediately after. But this time will be it, I’ll be consistent and grow an audience that lets readers divulge into different my fitness and health habits.

To start, this blog will follow a fitness, health, and lifestyle theme. I know I know, another millennial trying to profit off the internet and inform the masses of the life changing magic of doing triceps lifts and lat pulls while eating a vegetarian diet. (Sorry for the jargon) The cool thing is, I’m still learning and I think a lot of you might think something along the lines of…

“yo if this skinny kid from a small city in Canada can make measurable improvements to his life then I probably can too!”

My fitness journey, for the most part, goes a little something like this: sign up for the gym, workout for 3 months, see a bit of improvement in muscle mass, I plateau, and then I quit. This began when I was in my final year of high school and continued into my first and second years of university. Being a university student and trying to maintain that graduate school worthy average, a social life, and healthy lifestyle is incredibly exhausting. That’s why I’m here writing, I want to help others start-up their dream lifestyle, or maybe just give some motivation when they’re lacking (we all do, its okay to admit it). For the last 8 months, I have stayed committed to the gym and have actually become addicted to it, associating being active with happiness. As much as that’s hard to believe, its possible! With all those endorphins releasing, it is bound to happen. I’ll link everyone to the article that told me this, like a good, citing, history student does. Through these 8 months, I have been able to witness myself slowly transform my physical appearance and mental health. So let’s get a quick catch up of the last year of my life to put all of this into perspective.

Back in October of 2016 one of my friends convinced me to start attending weekly yoga at my school’s gym but I was hesistant on going. I hadn’t been in the gym recently and felt out of shape and I was scared of looking like an inflexible n00b who couldn’t even get into a downward dog properly (I was correct and it took a few weeks for this to improve). There, I met one of my favourite people ever: my yoga teacher, who was able to motivate me to continue to attend classes and to not get discouraged. I’ll say this in future posts: fitness goals take TIME! October, November, and December all passed and I was consistently going to my Thursday night yoga class. Following the Christmas break, my girlfriend left for her 6-month exchange in Sweden. It was incredibly heart breaking (sad, I know) but it opened up time in my life to put all of my energy into something constructive and healthy. I was lucky enough to have a gym right beside my house, so I began to follow my friend’s workout plan, various YouTuber’s routines, and various fitness Instagram accounts/blogs. This was honestly the best way for me to start out, the internet has SO many resources for fitness and health. Although, these accounts often show the most toned, attractive and financially stable people out there. It was discouraging a lot of the time, which is part of the reason I’m here. Working out started out as a three time a week chore, but with my girlfriend gone and a huge influx of free time, I was able to fill the time I wasn’t in the library studying, with working out. Fast-forward four months, I moved into a new house closer to the university and now had built the confidence and knowledge to start going to the school gym. It was intimidating, the people there all seemed to know what they were doing, some of my classmates went, so, all in all, I was terrified of being judged. Luckily, most university students leave over the summer so I was able to get comfortable in the new, bigger, better, and scarier gym without nearly as many people as there would be in the school year. By utilizing YouTuber’s routines and plans I was able to build my personal weekly workout schedule. If you’re starting out, whether you’re a dude, woman, gender-non conforming, whichever it may be, I would recommend going over to Whitney Simmon’s YouTube channel. For the guys with hyper/frail masculinity reading this, no it isn’t feminizing to follow a woman fitness guru (regardless of her video titles). Whitney is one of my favourite fitness YouTuber’s to follow. This girl is a beast, her legs look like they’re made of steel and she has awesomely toned arms (I’ll do a full post on my favourite fitness blogs/Youtube channels/Instagram accounts).  By following her chest/triceps, back/biceps, shoulders, and leg routines, I was able to start to pick my favourite exercises from each video to make my custom routines.

Speed up to current day: I am writing my first blog post on my third attempt of a blog in my favourite café in my city. Cliché, but their iced tea is the friggen dope. This blog will consist mostly of fitness posts, but I have chosen “lifestyle” as one of my blog’s themes. That way I can post literally anything else that I’d like to share, such as my thoughts on my favourite album that you all need to listen to, (SZA’s “CTRL”) or traveling, or other additions to my house (dog adoption pending). I’ll post some of my recipes for meals I like to eat, meal preps, meals from restaurants, etc. Overall, I just want to offer a space where fitness and health goals look attainable from someone who is still learning. Maybe I can offer some encouragement if you’re lacking, and some inspiration to follow a healthy lifestyle. If some of those Instagram accounts just completely discourage you because of how unattainable their life may seem, maybe you will see that it is doable, just in many small steps. Disclaimer though, I am in no way a certified professional trainer (yet), I am simply documenting my fitness journey. In the fall I am enrolled to complete a fitness class instructor certification and hope to complete a personal training certification in 2018. With that, I hope you are all interested in reading on!

Until then, see ya!


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