Post Camping Trip Detox & Fitness Tips

Today marks the end of the long weekend which means tomorrow I return back to reality. But for now, I am currently riding out the rest of my stress-free weekend at my girlfriend’s parent’s house in the country. I’ve been at a cottage/camping all weekend which has provided me with a well needed mental detox, but I definitely did the opposite to my body. After many drinks, junk food, and other things… my body is in dire need of water, chakra cleansing tea, and a cardio workout. With that being said, I am going to provide some tips from the Matty Knows Post-Camping Detox Plan (not yet copyrighted) to get you back into the swing of things after vacations or fun weekends. Hopefully, you feel the slightest urge to get back to the gym, but if you’re not hopefully then these tips may help you. As I write this, I am currently practicing Part 1.

Part 1: The Detox
This is not mandatory but if you had countless gin and tonics and three bags of chips this weekend, then this might make your insides respect and love you again.

  1. Hydration:
    Drink a shit ton of water, don’t skimp out on this. You’re probably all like “thanks captain obvious wow great new content” but everyone needs to be reminded. Usually, water is a precious commodity out in the bush, so when you get home slam back some water. This will help flush out those toxins you just put in your body.

    Green tea is also a great option for flushing out your liver and providing proper antioxidants to ensure that your body’s natural detoxification process has some backup. (1) Dandelion root and other white tea’s also offers up good detoxifying elements all while hydrating at the same time.

  2. Diet
    Eat a lot of fruit and veggies! They are an incredible source of water intake and will help hydrate your body while providing it with all those good nutrients like vitamin C, antioxidants, electrolytes, etc. Try some of these: cucumber, celery, radishes, iceberg lettuce, bell peppers, and watermelon. It’s a win-win

Thanks to the nutrition course I’m enrolled in right now, I have also learned about the beauty of soluble and insoluble fiber! The soluble fiber can be broken down in water and assist in your regulating your blood glucose levels and helps lower the bad cholesterol in your body (AKA, help get rid of all that refined sugar from the Swedish Berries, and the cholesterol from the salt and vinegar chips). For this, you’ll want to eat oatmeal/oats, beans, nuts, oranges, apples, and blueberries. If you’re lacking inspiration, try some oatmeal or granola with fruit and almond milk, quick and easy! Insoluble fiber is what is going to make you poop. Don’t feel uncomfortable, we all do it. By eating whole wheat/grains, brown rice, dark leafy veg, grapes/raisins, your body will thank you for helping it move out all the crap left rotting in your gut and will promote a healthy intestinal tract. (All this information comes from the textbook which you probably can’t read online, BUT, googling about the two types of fibers will bring up LOADS of results if you’re curious and want to read more about it).

You should also try and avoid refined and processed sugars all the time, but especially in the next few days while your body regulates blood glucose levels from all that beer you had too. This will help prevent any skin breakouts, and help your mind and body get back to its normal high functioning self!

Summary: Eat vegetables and fruit with a high water percentage, eat your fibers to help flush out toxins from your GI tract, and focus on cutting out greasy and sugary foods.

Harvesting from the green house for the detox salad.

Part 2: The Workout

Let’s face it, falling off the wagon can be very easy. Especially when you get back from a weekend of sitting on a camping chair for half of the day and swimming in a river for the other. Sweating is a form of releasing toxins from the body, and aerobic exercise is great for detoxing your body since it gets the blood pumping and body moving. It also helps release toxins from the fatty tissue through your body’s cleansing organs. (2) Also on a personal note, I start my workout with a bit of cardio to ensure that my body is prepped for the next hour or so. With that being said, a cardio only workout is setting you up for the week!

  1. Cardio
    Running: Its great for your whole body and once you get lost in it, it can become a very mental workout. However, before you jump on and set your speed make sure you have proper running shoes to ensure you don’t get shin splints (not great, can confirm) and make sure your knees are able to take all that weight. Its important to do a bit of further reading before tying up your Nikes.

For everyone else that hates running (including myself) then do something else! This
can include:

  • Biking (personal favourite)
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Elliptical
  • Stair climber (on a decent speed)

Cardio really isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re just starting out you’ll probably end up a red-faced-huffer-and-puffer. If you’re like my roommate, you may end up puking. Just take it at your own speed and at your own pace. If you’re not used to cardio or are working up to it, add rest times in between timed sets. Cardio, is super important and you will (might) learn to love it. Like I said above, it helps release toxins which are what this post really is about.

Tips For Getting Back Into The Gym:

If you’re already an exercise junky, then you may not need this section. If not, then here are some handy tips that might make it easier to get to the gym when you’re lacking motivation.

  1. Plan your day: I myself am a planner, but planning your day and allotting a specific time for the gym will make it easier for you to get there. Instead of saying “I’ll make it to the gym today”, set your time the day before. Make sure you put it in a spot that won’t make you want to skip it, especially if you’re reaaally lacking motivation. For example, don’t put it at 5 am if you love every second of your precious sleep.
  2. Shorten your workout: Do 30-45 minutes instead of 60+ minutes. Slowly work your way back into your regular workouts if you’re finding it really boring/hard to get into the gym.
  3. Do your favourite workout: We all have our favourite workout routine/exercise/machine. Pick whichever one that may be and run with it! (sorry for the fitness pun)
  4. Remember your fitness goals: Your goals may take a very long time to achieve. For example, I am at 8 months and while I am seeing an improvement, I still have a long way to go. Don’t stress or get overwhelmed though! You will achieve your goal but you need to make the necessary changes to your lifestyle to get there. It is ok to take time off to rest, its actually pertinent to your development. Don’t feel guilty, just make a serious effort to get back into it.

With all being said, I hope that you enjoy the next workout and are able to get back to the gym with ease! Be sure to keep your eyes posted for a new blog post or subscribe for an email reminder whenever a new one is posted!

Until then, see ya!





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